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If you need to coordinate your entire construction from the very beginning, you may be assisted by our professional engineering. The service, which focuses primarily on activities related to the project documentation or the provision of all necessary permits and approvals that lead to success with the authorities sanctioned construction.

Engineering in our hands conceals several very important steps that we are able to complete a deal for you, so you can save not only time but also money. Engineering covers:

  • Processing of all applications for construction administration, whether a construction permit or planning permission
  • Securing water rights permits and expression of all owners of networks - gas, electricity, sewage, etc.
  • Consent of neighboring land owners with the planned construction
  • Resolving ambiguities in the project documentation or managing other duties associated with the granting of planning permission

So if you use our engineering, you will be only left to solve and specifies only matters relating to actual construction, property dispositions and the resulting appearance. We will take care of all the rest. Everything will go quickly, smoothly and in accordance with the Building Act and other legislation.


Given that we extremely appreciate our clients, we expand services to other normal engineering processes, which are mostly related to the coordination of the construction itself.

  • Consultation with designers and the relevant authorities in the event of any change in construction
  • Monitoring compliance with the obligations set out in the project, or a building surveyor
  • Our services and personal participation in further negotiations (tender contract) for which you have to let us prepare project documentation

Engineering can be from different companies in many forms, therefore choose the richest. The one that our company offers - Topint Group.