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Most of the people who choose to build or rebuild their family or private objects lack proper imagination, which can allow them to build by their wishes. Our company Topint Group can help you with this issue. We provide complete construction services and 3D design ande visualizations.

Our prefesional designers and grafic artist will secure you very identical look on your planed and required housing- With the help of modern technologies you can look into the planned interior, which you will be able to modify at your will. The production of 3D design took four basic steps:

  • Share of your requests, layout of the object and individual rooms or components and accessories in the interior.
  • Production of your requests and preparing the 3D visualization.
  • Possibility of more edits in the submitted proposal. Thanks to special applications we are able to change arrangement or size of whole rooms, decoration, floor materials and all important parts to provide, that whole concept correspond with your requests.
  • Handover of complete 3D designs with possibility of preparation of project documentation.


Don't buy a pig in a poke and use profitable possibility of making a 3D visualization, which can contain any part of your property. The process, which will not only facilitate the choice of building constructing materials, but also the household equipment itself.

The solution that is presented by our experts is unrivaled opportunity for the construction and building dream homes. Therefore make the minimum financial means for processing the corresponding 3D visualization than having to inhabit a lifetime non-ideal and imperfect construction object.


Out profesional designers will secure you very identical look on your housing planning. With the help of modern technology you will be able to look into the planning interior, which you can ajdust at your will. - MORE REFERENCES -