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Part of any real estate is not only the object itself, which can be used for permanent housing or business plans. An inseparable part of these buildings are also fences, sidewalks, patios, and other elements that may play a sizable role. Also in this area we are able to offer our clients a first class and superior service that is based on years of experience and dozens of projects.

Various types of fences

A fence is in essence a very important element of any dwelling. It is also a complement to you in some way separates itself from the surroundings, be it roads, neighbors or other property. In terms of construction we can provide really anything.

  • chain-link fence   
  • Masonry fences - KB blocks, stone, or other decorative material    
  • Metal fences    
  • Wooden fences

Within the complexity arrange for you sliding gates, and many other modern products that are absolutely common standards for fencing.

Sidewalks and terraces

Around the property and its immediate vicinity may not be missing sidewalks which we build from a variety materials, from paving to special blocks, stone and other products. There can also be used a formula that will work nicer and more sophisticated look.

When implementing houses not forgetting the practical patios that you can suggest to design, visualize, and z-also in the final build. Because relatively high demands in terms of design are placed on the terrace, we work with any materials from the classic rock, to exotic woods. We will produce imaginative areas that can be connected to pergolas, swimming pools and other features around the house.